IT Compliance ServicesGone are the days of hiring employees who work for a company for decades. These days, you can count on employees leaving after 1-2 years some even sooner. That makes financial and employee planning more challenging. More often, companies are hiring experienced people as consultants and contractors to fill voids on teams.

Consultants are often hired for certain projects or initiatives. While they are paid more on an hourly basis than a similarly qualified employee, they are not paid benefits like healthcare, retirement, or paid time off. Employers like you can gain knowledge and experience without the cost of finding and onboarding an employee which can cost thousands of dollars. Instead, you can expand your IT Services team easily.

We offer these ways to expand to your IT Services Team.

  1. Virtual Chief Security Officer: If your business is newly growing, you may not need a full-time Chief Information Officer (vCIO) but could use another strategic mind in the organization. While you focus on other business, a vCIO can focus on technology-related strategies to grow the business as well as provide solutions for remote workers or multiple locations, ensure data security and monitoring, and be a neutral opinion.
  2. Co-Managed IT: If your IT team needs people for a specific project or initiative, consider Co-Managed IT. Netready IT saw a need for businesses to have more people on their IT team, so we created co-managed IT services to enhance the current team, reduce redundancies, streamline back office operations, and ensure compliance. We promise to work side by side with your professionals to secure systems and improve workflows for your business.
  3. IT Compliance Services: Speaking of compliance, there may be a need to hire an IT Compliance Services specialist to ensure systems are compliant. Whether it’s a medical office or hospital, financial, legal, or architecture firm, there are industry and/or governmental compliance standards. Compliance issues can cause distractions that take your team away from patient and client service. Consider hiring Netready as your IT Compliance Services team to ensure standards are met and violations are zero.

Making the decision to expand your IT Services team to include Co-Managed IT, Compliance, or vCIO is a big decision. What we’ve seen and heard from our clients is that by hiring consultants like Netready, they can focus on their core business functions. Combined, they have experienced levels of growth and exceeded metrics they didn’t know were possible.