FINRA Compliance Services for Pasadena, Glendale & Burbank

FINRA Compliance Services

Ensuring firms are fully compliant with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's (FINRA) stringent rules, mitigating legal and regulatory risks.

FINRA Compliance Services Pasadena

FINRA Compliance Services
For Pasadena Business

FINRA standards, strengthening data integrity and protection against potential cyber threats. As a result, businesses can focus on their core operations, secure in the knowledge that they are operating within the regulatory framework and that their critical information is well-protected.

FINRA Compliance Services

FINRA Compliance is a requirement for brokerage firms and security industry professionals in the United States. Working with the Netready team, your firm will be compliant and ready to continue serving clients.

What is FINRA?

FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulation Authority, Inc., that Congress authorizes to protect investors. They accomplish this by making sure broker-dealers operate in a fair and honest way. FINRA oversees more than 624,000 brokers across the country. They analyze billions of market events daily, supporting investors, regulators, policymakers, and related stakeholders.

If you are a broker-dealer, capital acquisition broker, or funding portal, you are subject to FINRA regulations. This includes equities, corporate bonds, securities futures, and options. Additionally, FINRA acts in an oversight capacity for:

  • Licensing and admission of securities professionals
  • Authoring rules and regulations for the industry
  • Investigating firms and individuals for regulatory compliance</li>
  • Discipling for those that fail to comply to federal securities laws and FINRA regulations

As with any industry, there are those that violate the rules and it is the role of FINRA to make sure investment professionals are operating brokerages and firms within guidelines. This includes how client data is stored, which is where Netready FINRA Compliance can support your business.

What is FINRA Compliance?

Maintaining the integrity of the stock market is the ultimate goal and the responsibility of FINRA. This includes rules against actions such as money laundering and privacy of client information, to name a few.

Breaching FINRA compliance may result in an individual or firm being listed on as barred, suspended, or fined.

To prevent this from happening, firms turn to Netready to manage firm requirements and maintain compliance.

How Will Netready Help?

As we do with other IT Services, we begin with a review of current systems and guidelines, including technology and security, as well as a Center for Internet Security Controls (CIS-20) assessment. From there, we are able to identify security gaps that may violate FINRA regulations and develop a plan to ensure that does not happen. Next is an implementation of updates and ongoing support.

Netready FINRA Compliance Services keeps the firm protected and in good standing with regulatory agencies.

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