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IT Support Burbank

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When you choose Netready IT as your IT support partner, you can expect innovative solutions to complex IT problems. Our team of experts is constantly staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies to provide you with the best possible IT support Burbank has to offer. Our objective is to improve operational efficiency by offering the right technology solutions, enabling your staff to concentrate on serving your customers. Whether you need assistance with software installation and upgrades, hardware set-up and maintenance, or network security and storage, our team of experts is here to help. With our comprehensive IT solutions, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your IT needs.

Tailoring IT Support to Your Business Needs

At Netready IT, we understand that every business has unique IT needs. That's why we take a personalized approach to IT support and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Here's how we do it:

  • We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current technology infrastructure and gain an understanding of your business goals.
  • Based on this assessment, we develop a customized IT support plan that addresses your unique needs and challenges.
  • We quickly address any urgent issues that may be causing operational bottlenecks for your business.
  • We address any immediate IT Security issues that may be leaving your organization exposed to hackers.
  • We begin implementation of your customized IT Support Plan.
  • We provide Rapid Response IT Support and 24 X 7 Help Desk Services to your staff, keeping them happy and efficient.

Exploring Our Core
IT Support Offerings in Burbank

IT Support Burbank

Netready IT offers support solutions ranging from rapid response remote services to onsite support when problems can't be resolved remotely. We also offer 24 X 7 Help Hesk for when your staff needs assistance with technology issues. With our core IT support offerings, you can be confident that your business in Burbank will receive the highest level of support and service.

Remote Support Services

Netready IT offers remote support services to businesses in Burbank, providing prompt assistance for any IT issues you may encounter. Our remote support services include:

  • Rapid Response Time: Our team guarantees a quick response to IT issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for our clients. We prioritize resolving issues promptly to keep businesses running smoothly.
  • Expert Technicians: Netready IT employs highly skilled technicians with extensive experience across various IT systems and platforms. Our experts are equipped to troubleshoot a wide range of issues remotely, providing efficient and effective solutions to our clients' IT challenges.

With our remote support services, you can rely on our team of experts to address any IT issues quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your business.


OnSite Support  Services

Netready IT offers onsite support services to businesses in Burbank and the surrounding areas, including Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. Our team of experts is available to provide on-site assistance whenever necessary, ensuring that your technology infrastructure is running smoothly. Our onsite support services include:

  • Hardware Installation and Maintenance: We can help with the installation and maintenance of your hardware, ensuring that it is functioning optimally.
  • Network Troubleshooting: Our experts can diagnose and resolve network issues on-site, ensuring that your network is secure and reliable.
  • Software Assistance: We can provide assistance with software installation, updates, and troubleshooting, helping you get the most out of your software applications.

With our onsite support services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your technology is in good hands, and any issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.


24 X 7 Help Desk

Netready IT provides 24/7 help desk support to businesses in Burbank, ensuring your staff has technical support available whenever needed. Our experienced team of technicians is ready to assist with any IT issues you may encounter. Here's what you can expect from our 24/7 help desk support:

  • Remote Assistance: Our help desk technicians can provide remote assistance to address any IT issues you may have, saving you time and minimizing downtime.
  • Phone-based Support: You can reach our help desk technicians via phone, allowing you to receive assistance quickly and conveniently.
  • After-Hours Support: We understand that IT issues can arise outside of regular business hours. That's why our help desk is available to assist you after hours, ensuring that you have access to support whenever you need it.

Our 24/7 help desk support ensures that you receive prompt and reliable assistance, helping you resolve IT issues quickly and get back to work.


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IT Support Burbank

Testimonials from Satisfied Burbank  Customers

"I have been working with Netready for over 15 years. Their reliabile service, and competitive pricing makes them top notch. Their response time makes you feel like you are there #1 customer every call, every situation. You cannot beat Netready for your IT needs. Can't say enough good things!!!!"

NETREADY -  IT SINCE 1995 Business?

IT Support Burbank

What Makes Us Different in the Burbank IT Market?

Burbank, California, is a vibrant city known for its strong business community and diverse range of industries. From entertainment giants like Warner Bros. and Disney to thriving sectors in technology, healthcare, and aviation, Burbank hosts a variety of businesses. The city's business climate is characterized by innovation, creativity, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 1995, Netready IT has been a pillar of support for businesses in Burbank, providing comprehensive IT services tailored to the needs of the local community. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities present in Burbank's business landscape, Netready IT is well-suited to deliver responsive IT solutions that drive growth and success. Our long-standing presence in Burbank has enabled us to build strong relationships with local businesses, earning us a reputation for reliability, expertise, and exceptional customer service. Whether it's providing 24/7 remote support, implementing cutting-edge technologies, or ensuring data security and compliance, Netready IT is committed to helping businesses in Burbank thrive in today's competitive market.

Diving Deep Into
Our Portfolio  of Services

IT Support Burbank

Managed IT Services

Netready IT offers managed IT services to businesses in Burbank, ensuring that your technology infrastructure is running smoothly and efficiently. Our managed IT services include:

  • 24 X 7 Network Monitoring and Incedent resolution
  • Consulting: long-term planning, budget management, and other strategic IT initiatives.
  • Server & Desktop patching and software updates
  • Data Backup & Disaster recovery

With Netready's Managed IT Services, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of managing your technology infrastructure.


IT Security Services

Our IT security services help businesses in Burbank protect your data from cyber threats. Our IT security services include:

  • Cybersecurity Audits: We conduct thorough audits to assess your current cybersecurity measures and identify any vulnerabilities.
  • VCSO: Planning & strategy
  • Data Security: We implement robust data security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular backups, to protect your sensitive information.
  • Vulnerability & Penetration testing

With our IT Security Services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and protected from cyber threats.


Compliance Services

Netready IT offers compliance services to help businesses in Burbank navigate the complex landscape of regulations and ensure that they meet all necessary compliance requirements. Our compliance services include:

  • Compliance Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments to identify any compliance gaps and develop a roadmap to achieve compliance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We help businesses comply with industry-specific regulations, such as FINRA, HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, and more.
  • California Regulations: We have a deep understanding of California-specific regulations and can assist you in meeting all necessary requirements.

With our compliance services, you can ensure that your business is compliant with all relevant regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties and legal issues.


Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is a pivotal aspect of modern IT services, offering scalability and flexibility for businesses in Burbank. By leveraging cloud solutions, companies can access data and applications remotely, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

Netready IT provides tailored Cloud Services to meet the unique needs of Burbank enterprises, ensuring data security and streamlined operations. Our team of experts offers cloud computing solutions that allow businesses to thrive in the Burbank marketplace, minimizing downtime and optimizing business continuity. Inquire today for a free consultation on how cloud computing can elevate your business operations.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365
  • Outlook & Calendar
  • AWS Solutions



IT Support Burbank

Started in 1995, Netready is a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Los Angeles. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on Netready for complete IT services and support:

  • Security and Data Protection Services are included: Don’t be charged large additional fees for services like Antivirus, spam, offsite backups andy cyber security. All of these are included in Netready’s Managed IT support plans. As your IT partner, why wouldn’t we include the most important services that keep your business safe.
  • 25+ Years of Experience: Being in business for more than 25 years in Los Angeles, we have had the opportunity to work with many great companies in multiple industries. This experience allows us to come up with innovative solutions that other IT companies just can’t provide.
  • Strong Team: When you work with Netready, you are working with a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience in IT and Cyber Security. Our team has earned some of the highest certifications in the industry, including CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, MCSE, CCNA, VCP, SCE, and ITIL.
  • Strong Relationships: Our clients tell us that working with friendly, polite, and good-humored engineers is as important as the skills and service they provide. Frequent communication and close relationships mean your entire team will be more productive.

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, Netready is here to team up with you and your company for expert support.

IT Support Fixed CostFixed Monthly Pricing

We provides your business with predictable monthly IT costs.

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Our help desk is answered live, by our personable and experienced team.

IT Experience Burbank25+ Years of Experience

Netready has proudly provided IT Services in Los Angeles for over 25 years.

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