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Netready will set up, manage, and support your
organization's cloud computing infrastructure.

Cloud Managed Services Pasadena

Cloud Managed Services
For Pasadena Business

Netready's Cloud Services offer scalable solutions, enabling businesses to handle growth effortlessly without substantial capital expenditure on infrastructure. Additionally, these services ensure seamless data access from any location, facilitating efficient remote work processes and boosting overall productivity.

The future of data is happening now. Join the revolution with Netready Cloud Consulting Services.

Businesses like yours are becoming more dynamic. Teams are working remotely. You need an infrastructure that can support them by supporting large amounts of data that needs to be accessed by many people, often at the same time. The answer to creating an efficient system is cloud consulting.

The Netready Cloud Consulting Services offer organizations the opportunity to grow from anywhere and access data across multiple platforms from many locations.

At Netready, we understand your business is at risk of revenue and productivity loss when there is downtime.

Decreased need for hardware and software means less expense.

When employees access organization-essential programs and data from the cloud, it means less hardware and software needs. That means less cost.

Our enterprise-level cloud consulting service offers computing options to increase efficiency and productivity and avoid the expense of upgrading and managing equipment on-site.

Cloud solutions include:

  • Hosted Exchange Email
  • Email Filtering and Spam Protection
  • VoIP Services for Those Working Off-Site
  • Hosted Security and Backup
  • Hosted Applications and Programs

This means your team is more efficient, can work from multiple locations, and there is no data loss. At the same time, the business is saving money on resources that are outdated.

Cloud Consulting Services Include:

  • Evaluation of current software, hardware, and data usage. Whether you’re a small business with employees working from home or a large hospital, we want to understand how, when, and where programs and data are utilized.
  • Assessing data access issues and cost concerns. If too many people access the same data, does the infrastructure fail or slow down? If the answer is yes, it’s time to rethink how information is stored; business can’t keep going like it is now. Eventually, data will be lost, and servers will need updating.
  • Consolidating hardware. It may cost less to consolidate resources than to update existing equipment. Our Cloud Consulting Service team evaluates the cost of moving to the cloud compared to updating current resources so that you can make a decision that is right for your organization.

Netready Cloud Consulting Services is ready to revolutionize your business. All you need to do is contact us to get started today!

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Netready has proudly provided IT Services in Los Angeles for over 25 years.

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Netready keeps your network and your data safe
with proactive IT security service.

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Netready detects IT problems from outside
threats and internal mistakes before they become a disaster.

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Our 24x7 IT help desk responds to you and
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Our Technology Certifications

Netready IT's certifications in leading technologies can benefit your business in several ways:

  1. Expertise: These certifications demonstrate that Netready IT has expertise in various technologies and best practices. This means they are well-equipped to handle complex IT challenges and can provide effective solutions for your business.
  2. Quality of Service: Certifications like Microsoft Silver Partner, VMWare Certified, and Cisco Certified indicate that Netready IT meets high standards of service and has been recognized by industry leaders for their expertise. This can give you confidence in the quality of service you will receive.
  3. Compliance: Certifications such as CISA, CRISC, CISM, and CISSP indicate that Netready IT is well-versed in compliance and security best practices. This is crucial for ensuring that your business complies with relevant regulations and that your IT infrastructure is secure.
  4. Efficiency: Certifications like ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) indicate that Netready IT follows best practices for IT service management. This can lead to more efficient IT operations and better alignment between IT and business goals.
  5. Risk Management: Certifications like CRISC and CISSP demonstrate that Netready IT has expertise in risk management and information security. This can help protect your business from cyber threats and ensure that your data is secure.

Netready IT's certifications in leading technologies demonstrates that we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide high-quality Managed IT Services that can benefit your business in terms of efficiency, security, and compliance.

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