Vulnerability Assessment for Pasadena, Glendale & Burbank

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and address potential network weaknesses, bolstering defense against cyber threats and protecting vital business data.

Vulnerability Assessments Pasadena

Vulnerability Assessments
For Pasadena Business

A vulnerability assessment is an essential service that identifies weaknesses in your network, thus allowing your business to implement proactive measures to prevent potential breaches. Additionally, it assists in maintaining regulatory compliance, safeguarding your company's reputation, and avoiding the financial implications associated with data breaches.

How Secure is Your Business?

Vulnerability Assessments show IT Services Support how secure your business is. From email phishing scams to data security, NetReady is here to make sure your Pasadena business is as protected as possible.

Vulnerability Assessments are the practice of looking at the organization in order to identify, assess, remediate, and mitigate gaps in networks and security. Many industries and government compliance standards require these assessments as part of audit and risk management. Accounting, financial, and legal firms, engineering firms, agencies, as well as hospitals and other medical facilities are required to have ongoing vulnerability assessments.

  • Ensure compliance standards for HIPAA, SEC, and FINRA are met.
  • Protect Client and Patient Information.
  • Review wireless access and cloud-based solutions.

Your business may need any or all of these vulnerability assessments.

Network-based: Identifies areas where there are potentially public or private network security attack vulnerabilities. This includes wired and wireless systems.

Host-based: This assessment includes locating and identifying vulnerabilities at workstations, servers, ports, or other hosts.

Application-based: Identifies areas of website applications and software that are at risk of being compromised.

Database: Big data and associated databases may be compromised due to data not being classified accurately as secure or not, development sites that don’t have proper protection and rogue databases.

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessments:

The securing of company, patient, and client information is essential. Not only is it important to remain compliant with agency requirements, but it is also important for reputation management.

  • Identify exposures before potential hackers. Don’t let your organization be exploited by ransomware, phishing, and other scams. Stay ahead of the game.
  • Updated inventory of devices owned by the organization. Know what you have and develop a network map so assets can be tracked.
  • Overall security is evaluated so that decision-makers can make changes as needed and when the time is right.
  • Infrastructure evaluation to understand internal as well as external weak points.
  • Ensure government and industry regulations are met.

How NetReady Gets Your Business Ready

The IT Services team at NetReady not only monitors, updates, and maintains security and systems, we also conduct vulnerability assessments that can save your organization in downtime. Lost revenue, reputation management, PR, legal fees, ransom payments, and downtime can put the entire organization at risk.

Get your business ready and protected when you call NetReady for a Vulnerability Assessment!.

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