In many cases, employees working from home actually help productivity in many cases rather than harm it. Workers enjoy the flexibility, making them happier and better at their jobs, while businesses benefit from the work happier employees produce. However, there are still logistical issues involved with a hybrid workplace. Companies have to manage employee availability, differing schedules, managing meetings and sharing work or collaboration purposes. These things are easy when done in an office that everyone shares, but more difficult when the office is only one of several workplaces. Fortunately, managed IT services from a quality provider can make these difficulties a non-issue. There are many technological tools that can make hybrid workplaces manageable and managed IT services providers are quite adept at implementing them.

Availability and Communication

Managed IT services include the implementation of several services that help keep company staff in touch. Company-wide office suites, properly set up to sync everyone’s calendars, e-mail and shared documents are often put in place and maintained by managed IT services providers. Not only can a managed services provider install these systems for you, but they can also maintain them and offer support to your staff when necessary. With these company-wide tools in place, having every employee on the same page becomes much easier in a hybrid workplace when this system is implemented.

Meetings and Appointments

Being able to make and keep meetings from wherever you are is also a major advantage when utilizing a hybrid workplace model. Needing everyone in the same place, whether that’s employees, executives, or even clients, can be a major hurdle when trying to schedule convenient meeting times and places. Managed IT services providers can offer hosted VoIP services and video calling software implementation that makes all that a non-issue. Utilizing these resources will make your company’s hybrid workplace practices easier and improve the overall communication withing your organization.

Sharing Work and Collaboration

Cloud services implemented and maintained by managed IT services companies are also a huge boon to any company operating as a hybrid workplace. Cloud services allow everyone to share resources, pass off work, and easily access documents from remote locations. Managed IT services providers will often install elegant cloud solutions for companies who need these services to maintain productivity while their staff works from several remote locations.

Having a managed IT services provider handle the IT tools and resources that allow your hybrid workplace to run efficiently is freeing for many small businesses. Contact Netready today and schedule an appointment if you’re interested in partnering with us for your managed IT services.