Technology is an important part of your company and strategy. Choosing an IT provider can take time and making the wrong decision can cost you in downtime and money. As you’re considering the options, think about which services you need now as well as the scalability of those services, whether you have an in-house team, the capacity of the team, and the advantages of using a local IT provider.

As a Los Angeles based business, Netready offers Managed IT Services to organizations of many different sizes in various industries. We handle their entire technology infrastructure so they can focus on their core business goals. This includes installing the latest patches and updates to optimize work, managing networks to protect against malware and outside attacks, and backing up data to our cloud-based system. It’s our promise to our clients.

What are the advantages of using a local IT provider?

Personalized Customer Service

Are you tired of call center assistance that doesn’t quite solve your IT issue? An advantage of using a local IT provider is that you receive personalized customer service. Your business isn’t just a ticket that gets completed. You are just a call that we answer. As your local IT provider, we waste less of your time. We answer the phones ourselves and seek solutions to get your business online as soon as possible.

Customized Solutions

Your business is our business, which is why we do not offer a cookie-cutter approach. Each solution is carefully vetted and compared to what we learn about your business. We pride ourselves on scalable solutions so that what we work on today can be applied later as your team grows. And we do all of this with minimal disruption to your business.


As we implement solutions, we don’t just press a button at our office and let you figure out the rest. Our experienced team provides training and is available 24/7 to you. That’s the difference between a remote provider and local Managed IT Services.

Fixed Monthly Cost

Stop trying to figure out the monthly budget for IT services. When you choose NetReady, you have fixed-rate monthly Managed IT Services.

As your organization discusses the advantages of using a local IT provider, consider the following:

  • Is your business expanding in the future? Systems need to be scalable or you will always be seeking solutions. Advantages of using a local IT provider include your provider seeking solutions and being proactive, rather than reactive. We do the work on your behalf and with your approval.
  • What is your IT budget? Technology is expensive, especially if you’re constantly trying to scale the organization. Stop worrying and add one line item, our flat rate monthly NetReady Managed IT Services to the budget.
  • What would you do if your servers failed or the website went down? Many Los Angeles area businesses would come to a complete stop if their servers failed or the website went down. As your IT provider, we plan ahead to avoid server failure and website downtime and . We understand your time is valuable and work behind the scenes to limit those failures.
  • Do you have an in-house tech team? Your in-house tech team may be able to find solutions but they may work reactively. Our team works 24/7 to find and resolve issues, sometimes before you realize there is an issue.
  • How accessible is your current IT Provider? We understand there are many IT specialists from which you can choose. The challenge is finding a provider that is accessible when you need them. Our Los Angeles team works 24/7 to make sure we are here whenever you need us, and even when you don’t. We want your IT to run as efficiently as possible, all the time.

It’s likely you and your team would prefer technology works as intended all or most of the time. We do too. That’s why we offer Managed IT Services. We want your organization to run as efficiently as possible. With our services, you and your team are able to focus on business while we focus on keeping systems hacker-free and running smoothly.