Keeping Children Safe Online


Join us on Tuesday September 25th @ 6:30pm (PST), as we take a look at how to keep children safe online. If the web were an amusement park attraction, you'd have to be 10 feet tall to ride-it's terrifying enough for adults and a fun house of horrors for kids, from inappropriate content to unkind comment sections to outright predators.

And yet! The internet also affords opportunities to learn, to socialize, to create. Besides, at this point trying to keep your kids off the internet would be like keeping them away from electricity or indoor plumbing. They're going to get online. Your job is to help them make good choices when they get there.

We will review:

  • - How to monitor your child's social media
  • - How to monitor their cell phones and text messaging
  • - Blocking inappropriate web content
  • - Limiting screen time

Even if you can't make this webinar, register and we will email you a link to the recording.

Can't Attend?

You should still register! We'll send out the recording to all registrants after the webinar.