Businesses are seeking solutions for how their teams can work away from the office.

One of the most common problems is how to give customers the same experience when they call a remote team as they would have if everyone were at the office.

The answer is Netready VoIP services.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, commonly called VoIP, is phone service that is over the internet rather than phone lines. That means your team can work from wherever there is high-speed internet service. For you, it means cutting the cost of traditional phones to a cloud based, scalable solution.

VoIP Is a Cost-Effective Way to Stay Connected to Customers and Employees

○ Emergency protocols can be put in place for when teams are required to move from a central location to their homes at a moment’s notice.
○ Ease of use saves time and expense. Create efficiencies when transitioning from a central office to smaller offices or home offices. Spend less money moving infrastructure when you move to a new location when you have the ease of the internet to handle incoming and outgoing calls.
○ Managed off-site. Our team manages VoIP and other services. There’s no need to stress about how teams will work; just contact us and we will work through implementation and on-going usage.

VoIP services may also include video calling services to make staying connected easier, even when teams are working from different locations.

At Netready, we provide dedicated technicians to help you every step of the way.

Netready VoIP Services include:

○ Automated Attendant
○ Answering Rules
○ Seamless Customer Experience
○ Connectivity Among Employees
○ Voicemail
○ Call Forwarding
○ Hold Music
○ Caller ID
○ Call Blocking

Customers and employees will have the same experience whether your business is based in one office, multiple offices, or a combination of office and work-from-home.

In today’s ever-changing world, VoIP makes sense.

Our plans provide organizations with the flexibility to also host services on their own dedicated, secure IT infrastructure.

Combining services like phones and the internet means less expense for the business and increased efficiency. The best part is that customers will have the same experience as when everyone is working from one office.

If you’re seeking simple solutions in a complicated world, Netready VoIP Services is the answer. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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