Service Based Companies

A reliable IT Support company who can keep up with your demands is essential. At Netready we understand that you work in a fast paced industry, and require immediate support to help fix issues whenever and wherever they happen.

We know the unique nature of Construction companies and the challenges you face, such as:

  • Multiple sites – some temporary
  • Frequently changing numbers of users
  • Support and configuration of portable applications and mobile devices

The amount of information required for just one project is outstanding. More and more, technology is relied upon to manage the integrity of information and make sure it gets passed into the right hands, at the right time. From project and document management to inventory and order processing, technology accommodates your business.

Netready has worked with construction-industry companies and has been able to provide the following IT services:

  • Recommend technology solutions for networking, telephones, or wireless access.
  • Assess company needs and make practical recommendations for building a new system from the ground up.
  • Review existing system and provide advice about the best path to update, or refresh, the system either through a complete overhaul or step-by-step refresh.
  • Examine security systems and recommend updates or solutions to avoid the pitfalls that result in network outages.
  • Provide backup solutions for the unavoidable and inconvenient outages that inevitably occur. Netready can establish backup systems that will provide for both the security of sensitive information as well as the ability to continue to access that information.
  • Establish disaster recovery plans for the loss of data and connectivity.
  • Provide ongoing IT support; either full support or serve as a back up to existing, on-site IT personnel.

Whether there are 5 or 500 computers, you need a comprehensive IT department and strategy that aligns IT activity and investment with business goals. Netready works with companies to fully support their internal IT staff, or provide a whole IT department for a fixed monthly fee. Our proven process moves business forward with IT guidance, proactive services, and responsive support that turns information and technology into a contributor for growth.

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