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Staying appropriately compliant with every necessary regulation can be a major pain point for any company. IT compliance in particular is a struggle for smaller companies without the time or resources to handle the specifics. Netready can help you and your organization work through the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance and get your company in shape to produce the compliance.

Handling medical records of any kind is an important responsibility, and many companies have to do it at some point—not just those in the healthcare industry. Making sure sensitive information is appropriately protected is a key element of one’s job is they’re handling medical information. Netready has the experience and expertise you need to ensure that your company is HIPAA compliance from an IT perspective. We know the details you don’t and can help you fix any issues with your current systems and processes. Trust in the expertise of a long-term provider managed IT services to get your company up to code the way it needs to be.

When you partner with Netready for HIPAA compliance, we will provide a full audit and assessment of your current systems. By detecting wherever there are vulnerabilities or shortcomings we can develop plans that will keep your company continually compliant more easily in the future. It’s difficult to consider every way in which the information you’re using could be improperly accessed or exposed, but Netready has the experience and skills to make sure the information your company touches is always protected and safe.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

Staying in compliance with HIPAA means maintaining acceptable technical requirements, appropriate polices and procedures and documented evidence that those policies are being followed in action. Netready can help you with all these steps. We can ensure you have the technical means to stay compliant, audit your procedures and help develop processes that are appropriate, and help you collect evidence regularly that those processes are being followed. You can trust us when we say that we will have you covered for all your HIPAA compliance needs.

Don’t wait for it to be an issue if your company works with sensitive data. Make sure you’re HIPAA compliant and partner with an IT services provider who can help. Call Netready today and learn how we can help you with your specific HIPAA IT compliance needs. Schedule a consultation with us and discover how we can assist you.

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