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Things you need to do in 2020!



A new year is upon us and we all have goals to achieve and things you want to get done this year. For anyone dealing with IT related items one of the biggest goals we see is to push out improved security with the latest enhancements. One item that should be on every list is adding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to network access and email if it’s not in place already.

There are multiple ways to implement improved security. One that is routinely overlooked is cybersecurity training for users. This in itself can help protect an organization as it only takes one individual to make a mistake and get phished. If MFA is in place and a user somehow does get phished and gives up their credential’s the addition of MFA will help stop the intruder from gaining access to the account.

Another item that needs to be addressed is basic patch management and system maintenance. Sure this sounds very basic but if you have an unpatched network (servers, workstations, firewalls, etc.) there are holes all over the place for a hacker to gain access by using a known exploit.

Older operating systems such as Windows 7 need to be replaced with Windows 10 for the best security. If you have legacy apps or just can’t get it done by January 14th, we have a solution that can extend the support period of Windows 7 computers for a limited time.

If you have any compliance requirements, the quicker you address and review your infrastructure to make sure you are compliant the better off you will be. FINRA, HIPAA and PCI are just a few of the various compliance regulations out there. Now with the CCPA going into effect in California time is of the essence to make sure you are compliant.

Another concern that is now putting all of us on alert is the recent event with the Republic of Iran. With the recent alert issued by CISA all in the cybersecurity space need to be aware of the threats that can come in various forms of retaliation including spear-phishing, data dumps of credentials, remote file copy, PowerShell and a whole lot more.

Don’t let your guard down and stay engaged with your trusted cybersecurity professional and do everything you can to secure your users and your environment.

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