Are you neglecting the biggest risk to your Information Security?

One employee can undo your entire security investment — and reputation — in an instant.

Your employees are the weak link in your IT Security. Social engineering is the number one security threat to any
organization. The alarming growth in sophisticated cyberattacks makes this problem only worse, as cybercriminals
go for the low-hanging fruit: employees. Numerous reports and white papers show U.S. organizations are exposed to
massive increases in the number of cyberattacks over the past five years.

Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training 2016 is the world’s most popular integrated security awareness training and
simulated phishing platform. Based on Kevin’s 30+ years of unique first-hand hacking experience, you now have a great
way to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

You get high quality web-based interactive training combined with common traps, live demonstration videos, short
comprehension tests and scenario-based Danger Zone exercises. Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training 2016
specializes in making sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware and
social engineering, and are able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job. Each "common trap" ends with its own
short multiple choice test, there is a quiz at the end of the training, and trainees get a unique job-aid: Social Engineering
Red Flags™ with 22 things to watch for. The Training Campaigns do the heavy lifting of getting users through
their training.

Employees are given a baseline phishing test before the training is deployed and receive ongoing simulated phishing
attacks after their training is completed. You also compliment these phishing emails with monthly “hints and tips” to increase           end user security awareness related to a variety of social engineering tactics. Executives get the insight they need
to maximize training ROI and track security compliance.