Academic & Non-Profit Software Sales




Microsoft technology has transformed the way we work, play, and communicate. Today, students and teachers access information and people from around the world in an instant. Microsoft's groundbreaking technologies have opened the door to innovations in every field of human endeavor, delivering,new opportunity, convenience, and value.

With the various discounts and licensing options available to students, teachers, and academic organizations, you can get more software, services, and solutions for your money.



The Symantec Academic Program is for qualified academic institutions and charities that need to purchase license quantities without signed contracts or financial commitments.

The Academic Program simplifies buying license quantities for use in the country of purchase. Academic buyers are freed from formal contracts and commitments, and are eligible to receive discounts for purchases that grow with the size of each order. Managing your discount eligibility can help you meet the budget challendges of education and charity work.



  • Available for all software products
  • Low minimum requrements
  • Incentives for total volume of each order
  • No signed contract required
  • No financial commitment


An Academic Institution must be organized and operated for educational purposes, such as a public or private school, college or university, and be accredited by an appropriate government board of education or accrediting organization.

Other qualified institutions can include healthcare entities with a major teaching component or libraries owned and operated by a qualified academic licensing program. Contact your Symantec sales representative or reseller for country-specific information about eligibility.

For further information on academic or non-profit charity software pricing please contact the Netready sales team at 310.553.3055 and press option 2.